Prairie Pride C-Stores are your traveling buddies. Road vehicle Gas, Premium 91, E20-E85 blends (Ampride West only), Diesel, and Propane is our specialty. We refill propane tanks for your heating, and recreational needs as well. We have clean facilities and great service staff that is friendly and helpful. Finding your stomachs on empty, you are sure to find the snack or food to get going again. Minnesota lottery tickets at all locations. We have a Jefferson Bus Lines stop for your travel needs at our Cenex Ampride South Location. Both our Marshall Locations have car washes to keep your vehicle looking its best. Hunting fishing and game license available at our Slayton Location. Convenience store locations Cenex Ampride West, Cenex Ampride South in Marshall, and Cenex Ampride in Slayton.

PRAIRIE PRIDE FILLS PROPANE TANKS The Marshall Cenex C-Store located on Hwy 59 and Hwy 23 refills your gas grill propane tanks.